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Our company specializes in cleaning shiny pool tiles. We are the only firm in Arizona that uses this gentle repetitive cleaning method so that we do not pit shiny glaze tile.


Our process is simple and there’s no mess, no loud compressor or pressure washer, and no pitting of the tiles. Best of all, swimming can commence immediately after service!


We provide services to Tucson, Oro Valley, Marana, Sahuarita, Green Valley, Catalina, and Vail. Please call us if you require service outside of these areas or would like more information.
























































Some of the highlights of our services:


No need to drain the pool!
Why have your tiles cleaned? To start with, it’s less expensive than replacing them and you can get the new look at a fraction of the cost to remodel. What starts as a mild haze or “water line” can eventually become a thick scale covering the entire tile surface. The more build up, the more unattractive it becomes.


With our method, there’s no need to drain your pool. We will use our pump to drop the pool level about 1” below the tile (about $3 in water) and then go about cleaning it.


Tucson's water is very hard with lots of minerals primarily calcium carbonate. Combine the hard water with lots of evaporation due to hot dry air and you get the ugly white calcium lines on your tile. Eliminate this line with our services, and give your tiles new life at a fraction of the cost it takes to remodel!

Our process does not affect Ph levels in the water:
The use of harsh methods to clean tile like blasting with an air compressor or pressure washer will eventually ruin the shine on your tile. Both methods can damage the glaze since they both use magnesium or glass beads as an abrasive and these products will end up at the bottom of your pool. 

Important to note: We are not adding anything to the pool since we are not blasting anything against your tile.


No Blasting:
Blasting will pit the glaze on shiny tiles. Our method relies on soft repetitive action to gently remove calcium from tile without damaging the glaze. You can actually put your bare hand against the cleaning head of our machine and not get hurt. If it doesn’t hurt your hand it can’t possibly damage your tile. (Please see the video above)


Please ask our competitors if they would put their hand in front of their nozzles. They won’t, and in fact they can’t because their methods will hurt their hands.













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If you want to view a one minute video demonstration on how gentle the scrubber is please click on the small white arrow on bottom left. Please turn on your speakers to listen to the narrative.


We don’t pit shiny tiles:
Our method offers the safest method of cleaning shiny glaze pool tiles.  In the past, there was only one type of pool tile - ceramic or porcelain and always flat,smooth and shiny. However, around 1999 they began offering a tile that is often referred as “stone faced.” This type of tile is dull, or matte finish and very porous and can a look like travertine or flagstone. This type of tile is intended for blasting methods because the damage done by blasting is less noticeable since this tile is naturally rough and has almost no shine (or glaze).


Our method is for shiny tiles or tiles with gloss finish. Refer to our photo gallery - you can see how our competitors’ blasting method damaged the top 2 inches of the tile. If we had done this damage it would be apparent over the entire tile surface.



Damaged Pitted Tile


The photo above is an example of what can happen when blasting a soft shiny tile. As you can see the calcium was on the top 2 inches of the tile and the blasting pitted and removed some of the darker blue color from the tile surface. This could not have been done with our equipment cause our fingers cover almost 95% of tile surface and therefore would damage the whole tile. Now this is an extreme example but even a little pitting to your tile will remove the shine. The heavier the build up and the tighter the bond between the calcium and tile surface will increase the amount of damage to the glaze.